Help Us Raise Funds for A CHRISTMAS CAROL!

12 Sep

Cast of “A Christmas Carol”. Screen shot by Laura Dittmann, 2018.

Work has begun on the Three Ships Collective’s remount of A Christmas Carol, supported by us, running Dec 1-22 at the Campbell House Museum (tickets will be on sale soon – stay tuned!). Last year’s inaugural production was an entirely self-funded labour of love, and although we are delighted to be heeding the many enthusiastic calls for its return, our goal is to build a more sustainable financial framework around this year’s production so that we are able to present the highest quality of work possible, while also ensuring that our production remains accessible to audience members of all socio-economic backgrounds. We are accepting donations from now until the end of the production’s run. Donate today on our GoFundMe page, and help us make our ambitious plans for this remount a reality! 

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