The Critics are Raving about Circle Jerk!

13 Nov

With our opening weekend behind us, the critics are chiming in with some effusive praise for Circle Jerk! Here are just a few of their choice words and links to their full reviews:

  • My Gay Toronto
    • “Startlingly Clever” … “Audacious and Titillating” … “A Giddy Delight” … “Comedic Gold”
  • Mooney on Theatre
    • “Insightful and Thought Provoking” … “Bold and Intriguing” … “A Stunning piece of Theatre”
  • Jeremy Thinks Things
    • “Utter Brilliance” … “Laugh-out-loud Hilarious” … “Sexually Charged” … “Fascinating, Compelling” … “Nothing Short of Spectacular”
  • Burke Campbell
    • “Funny as Hell” … “Wildly Entertaining” … “Compelling, Sexy, and Not to be Missed”

There are only six performances of this daring show left! Get your tickets before it’s too late!


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