Mooney on Theatre and Barcza Blog Love ‘HERETIC’!

14 Nov

HERETIC Stills by LD (8)More praise from Toronto press!

Barcza Blog says: “Brilliant  …  Inspired  …  Thorpe has brought this story back from the dead  …  HERETIC tells a story I’ve known all my life, but in a genuinely new version.  …  If for no other reason than to struggle with the meaty ideas in this story, you owe it to yourself to see HERETIC.” Read the full review here.

Mooney on Theatre says: “A mesmerizing one-woman show  …  It’s a lot of fun to watch Thorpe throw so much of herself into her performance.  …  What stands out the most about the story of Joan of Arc is simply this young woman’s defiance and willingness to stand up for what she believed in during a time when that stood in direct opposition of the church. What Joan of Arc represented is timeless and Thorpe does fine work capturing this.  …  The use of sound and lighting made the small space come to life and I have to hand it to lighting designer Randy Lee and sound designers Wesley McKenzie and Jakob Ehman for giving life to the space.” Read the full review here.

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