gives ‘HERETIC’ Four Stars!

13 Nov

HERETIC Stills by LD (5)The always thoughtful and constructive Christopher Hoile of gives HERETIC  FOUR STARS (★★★★) and says this:

“Thorpe’s retelling of the story of Joan of Arc makes this iconic figure, already the subject of numerous plays and films, seem fresh and new.  One major reason is the absolute simplicity of the production.  Another is the winning naturalness of Thorpe’s acting.  …  Thorpe shows us Joan is a human being, capable of fear and doubt, but she also shows us Joan an is illuminated from within by her goal.  …  Thorpe gives an eloquent performance that rises to enacting energetic battles that range throughout the entire theatre to solemn reflection on whether she is really guilty of pride and why men should suddenly be so cruel.  It’s quite a journey for play only 70 minutes long, but you will leave feeling that you know this important figure better than you ever have before.  …  Lighting designer Randy Lee and sound designer Wesley McKenzie combine forces to create the magical effect of Joan’s first vision.  Lee makes imaginative use of warmth and coldness of light to reflect Joan’s mood and of squares of light diminishing in size and brightness to portray her inevitable defeat at her trial.”

Read the full review here!

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