First Review! Heretic is ‘Bold’, ‘Thoughtful’, ‘Compelling’

9 Apr

The first review for Heretic is up! Veteran critic and prolific theatre-goer, Lynn Slotkin of the, had this to say about the show:

Bravo to creator/actor Sarah Thorpe for setting herself the challenge.  …  Thorpe’s playing of Joan is compelling.  …  An agile performance  …  Thorpe is ably guided by director Matt Bernard who has a delicate but sure hand.  …  Scenographer, Claire Hill does wonders with a tight design budget. She has created the world of France for Joan.  …  This gritty, thoughtful, well done production is one of the many reasons I love indie theatre, and certainly the work of the feisty Soup Can Theatre Company adds to that feeling. Heretic is well worth a visit during this very short run.

Read the full review here!

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