Circle Jerk: Coming Soon!

13 Oct

Circle Jerk Postcard Front - Draft 1First off, thank you to all of you who submitted original lines of dialogue for our Circle Jerk contest this past summer! We were overwhelmed with the response we got: almost 300 lines to choose from!

We did manage to narrow it down to just four and sent our intrepid playwrights off into the wilderness to write pieces starting and ending with their assigned lines. They have all since emerged from their creative jungles with scripts in hand and are now, along with their daring creative teams, hard at work rehearsing.

We will be posting updates as we get closer to opening night (only 3 weeks away!) but in the mean time, feel free to read up on Circle Jerk, have a look at our delectable photo gallery and maybe even get your tickets early and avoid disappointment later!

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